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What symptoms to look for?
The symptoms that can occur due to the child swallowing a Button Battery are those similar to the common cold or flu virus; fevers, lethargic, lack of appetite, coughing and increase of mucus production. Think thoroughly if you have recently noticed a battery operated object lying around in the home. Demand a chest x-ray. A large Percentage of Button Battery Ingestion are misdiagnosed the first time around.

Will I notice my child choking after ingesting the button battery?
No, not always. The the anatomy of the Esophagus and Trachea (airway) eventually branch off lower down the throat. If the child swallows the button battery, there will most likely be no chocking episode due to being lodged in the esphagus. Hence why most Ingestion are not immediately discovered.

What should I do if I know my child swallowed a button battery?
Immediately take your child into the nearest Emergency Department near you. DO NOT wait to see if the battery will pass. The chemical make up of the lithium batteries can start burning the esophagus with in 2 hours after ingestion.

How can I secure my home from button batteries, I use them in my daily electronic devices?
At Emmett's Fight we know it is impossible to get rid of all electronic devices using lithium batteries out of our homes. However taking action by using secure tape and placing the items out of little arms reach, can help prevent the accident from harming small children.
*If have older children in the home with also young ones, make a point to explain to them the dangers of Button Batteries.


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