You Can Help

You are powerful and can make a difference in a child’s life simply by being proactive when it comes to button battery safety and spreading the word of the dangers and precautions. You could save a child’s life simply by sharing information and having a conversation with other adults and children.

We hope to continue to educate the community and spread awareness. To those who have unfortunately suffered, we strive to give support, build community, and share our stories that other lives may be touched and influenced by ours.

Emmett’s Fight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered charitable organization EIN#45-1571817.

Help Us Save Lives

The modest act of giving can make a world of difference. It is through your generous donations that we are inspired to continue educating, supporting, and building a network of caregivers, survivors, and families. Together we mourn the loss of life, celebrate recovery from accidents, and hold each other’s hands in between.

GIVE to bring awareness to parents everywhere.

GIVE to empower grownups to protect all children.

GIVE to prevent more families from suffering.

GIVE to help prevent any more tragedies.

GIVE and know that what you do with your life makes a difference in a another’s.

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Emmett's Fight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered charitable organization EIN#45-1571817
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