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It is hopeful to believe that most healthcare workers, pediatricians, emergency department staff and doctors are aware of the dangers and can tell the subtle differences between behavior and symptoms to diagnose and treat. It is critical that health care professionals begin the conversation, spread awareness and teach families, co-workers, and other caregivers the dangers of ingestion, as well as the signs to look for when treating small children with non-specific symptoms.

More importantly, at Emmett’s Fight we believe that button battery-specific training should be included in any health care facility, day care center, baby sitter training course, CPR certification course, EMT training, and any other platform where a child in battery-distress may be.

Physicians and pediatricians have both an incredible responsibility and opportunity to educate parents to better protect their children from harm as they mature and grow. There are countless dangers, illnesses, and lifestyle hazards from which a parent must protect their child. If all pediatricians knew the importance of talking to parents candidly about household dangers including button batteries, many more lives can be protected.

This may not be the most popular topic at training seminars, but it certainly can be one of the simplest to learn. Understanding what to look for in an x-ray is the first step, while speed of removal is a quick second. We encourage all first responders and health care professionals to read, learn, and prepare for this situation if it ever presents itself on their watch.

“I am a pediatric registered nurse in the intensive care unit and I have joined in this fight myself because knowing I am advocating for children to keep them safe has given me purpose in my life. Realizing that through awareness I can, and I am making a difference to prevent another child and family from suffering.”

– Michelle Chacon, RN

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