Sophie’s Story

By: Shea (Sophie’s Mom)

Sophie put a button battery in her nose in January on a Sunday afternoon. I took her to Urgent Care that same day. The doctor tried to remove it (as we all held her down). He said he heard a clink but refused to do anything else. She had to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT).  That night was one of the worst nights of my life. We did not know what she put in her nose, so when she would scream uncontrollably we would just do our best to console her. Needless to say, she was being shocked and we didn’t know it. When the ENT saw her the following afternoon we held her down AGAIN and he looked with his microscope. All he saw was bodily fluids surrounding the item, he didn’t see the battery. She was scheduled for surgery the next morning. So that night was worse than the night before, she was exhausted and feverish. She was moaning non-stop. I just held her and rocked her.

When the ENT came out of surgery he was stunned. He had no idea that it was a battery. Not only was she being shocked, but the battery was also cracked and was leaking battery acid. She had 3rd-degree burns. She was in danger of separating her septum as the burns were severe.

We had nightly treatments that haunt me to this day. I had to hold Sophie and flush her nostril three times and follow with a think anti-biotic cream. She would scream! She was on antibiotics for 4 months. She had to have surgery every two-to-three weeks. It got to the point that the nurses and anesthesiologist all her knew her by name. Her hospital stays lasted about 4 months total.

We are still recovering physically and emotionally. Every time she has a stuffy nose she screams. It is difficult to tell whether or not the congestion is uncomfortable or if there is a real problem. I am not sure if she will have to have any additional surgeries. Time will tell. The ENT believes that we may have saved her septum. There was a time that we almost had to go to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham to have reconstructive surgery planned. The ENT gave it one more week with extra flushing and ointment. It seemed to slow down the scarring.

I wish the battery makers would consider making a battery that was not as toxic as the button battery.

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