We can take simple steps to protect our children from danger as they grow up. Our goal at Emmett’s Fight is to provide families with as many ideas and tips as possible to keep button batteries not only out of reach, but out of range while your children are young. No one wants to live in fear, so we encourage prevention for ease of mind so that families can continue to live happy, active, healthy lives together.

First things first: conduct a household inventory for every single item that contains coin-sized button batteries. They are in more places than you might think. This list is not exhaustive, but it is comprehensive.

  • Bathroom scales
  • Blinking or animated ornaments
  • Calculators
  • Car key fobs
  • Clip on reading lights
  • Digital thermometers
  • Flameless candles
  • Flashing jewelry
  • Handheld games and toys
  • Hearing aids
  • Laser pointers
  • Light up bouncing balls
  • Mini remotes for MP3 player and speakers
  • Penlights
  • Singing greeting cards
  • Small remotes
  • Step counters and athletic trackers
  • Talking and singing books
  • Watches and smart watches
  • Second, takes steps to prevent access:
  • Place devices out of sight and out of reach of all children.
  • Keep loose or spare batteries locked away.
  • Properly dispose of old batteries immediately.
  • Keep battery compartments taped closed.
  • Supervise your children when they have access to items like singing cards.
  • Teach older children to be aware and on the lookout.
  • Be diligent.
  • Be proactive and be loud. Don’t keep this a secret, let other people know what you know.

Perhaps just as important as protecting your children is sharing this life-saving information with caregivers, friends, family members, and babysitters. Make sure that other adults know the dangers, are on the lookout, and can be on alert when they are responsible for the wellbeing of small children.


24-hour Button Battery Ingestion Hotline: 202-625-3333


CPSC works to ensure the safety of consumer products.


Safe Kids Worldwide is a nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries.

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