What We Do

What we do is simple.

It’s powerful, important, and critical to those looking for information and resources or community support after a button battery event in their own family.

We Educate

We Support

We Network

We Advocate

We Save Lives

Most adults we work with are curious, concerned, sometimes in a state of panic or devastation. Some want information to prevent an incident, while others are recovering from an accident that has forever changed the tapestry of their family.

We know the path before us may be murky, lonely, and scary at times, and for those same reasons, we will always persist in reaching as many families and professionals as possible. It is reasonable to expect that many parents remain unaware of button battery dangers. However, we always assume medical professionals including primary physicians, emergency department staff and first responders know the signs and symptoms, what questions to ask, and how to fix our child who is scared, in pain, or suffering from internal soft tissue damage and chemical burns. Unfortunately, not all of them do.

We can sadly report that 54% of fatalities were associated with misdiagnosis due to non-specific symptoms. This statistic alone is motivation enough to keep Emmett’s Fight alive and fueled for future work. We need to continue to teach, reach out, hug, console, and prevent other children from suffering.

Consider your babysitter, neighbor, a cousin who comes to dinner and plays with the kids, teachers, daycare staff, and anyone else who interacts with your child or supervises them at some point in their young life. Do they know the danger?

What we do is simple, powerful, important and critical to many people in this world. We aim to reach as many corners of the country as possible so that the story of our Emmett might make an unexpected difference in a life. A life that is precious and fragile, a life that is irreplaceable and more valuable than words can describe.

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